Hello gentle readers,

assuming I have some…

This blog is a chance for me to share my love of craft projects far and wide with others who are craft challenged .I kid you not, I love quilting and scrapbooking and now crochet and am good at none of it. But what the hey…

I am a big old softy lesbian living with my lovely  Princess, our two gorgeous boys, our three gorgeous cats and a homicidal Cockatiel. We live in Aotearoa, New Zealand on the prosaically named North Island in an inland  city most of you would probably call a town.

Introducing the pets:

Old Spice is our old and grumpy long-haired tabby. Come to think of it that sounds like me – well not the tabby part anyway now I’ve had the last of the hair dye cut off, thank goodness.

Tui is a half-grown black short hair with a tinsy white bow tie. He is gorgeous and a little aloof til he’s cold and hungry. Wait that sounds like my kids.

Ninja was named by our youngest,  Super Boy.  Ninja is about 5 months old now and I am afraid. gentle readers he has stolen my heart. He is just beautiful. He loves cuddles and company and so in that way is like everyone in our family on a good day.  He is the glam ginga in our home. Every home should have one.

And so to Punkbird. Hmm, what can I say except I feed him and he regularly bites the hand that feeds him. He could do with a bit of CBT (Cockatiel Biting Therapy) really.  I guess living in our happy noisy house with hungry nosy cats drove him over the edge.


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