Mixed up media art journaling

Hello again, is there anyone out there?

I am back. Yes, I am afraid this is Polly Lushbottom: Round Two.

It’s been a long time since I posted, I know. Much and a little has happened since. I moved half way down the Island with the family and got a new job and a new (to us) house with stairs which seemed like a good idea at the time.  I am fifty, people, fifty.  And fat. With arthritis in my knees. Do you think the two studies, and two large basement rooms affected my decision at all? My lips are sealed – unless liquorice allsorts are in the vicinity.

Anyways back to crafting. I am into Art journaling currently using very mixed media, which I make, beg, borrow or buy budget so it’s as cheap as possible. I take this approach cos I need to financially and more importantly because I work alongside people on very low incomes.  In my wisdom I decided it would be a jolly fine idea to introduce Recovery Journaling at work so people could use their creativity to support their wellbeing. The immediate issue was that art costs. Most people I work with struggle to keep a roof over their heads and to buy enough food.

So I Pinterested and surfed and so on until I felt ready to start, which of course all happened in a time warp just before we were due to start. Planning is anathema to the artistic temperament darlings, don’t you know.

Anyways I thought I would post some pics of what I have been doing – the good, the bad and the Damn that’s ugly…. You never know it may cheer some of you up when you see what seething monsters I spawn

So, drum roll… let the pages begin…

  1. Legs for Africa said:

    About fucking time you were back Lushbottom!!!!

    P.s. Tell your girlfriend she is a cow for ignoring me!!

    • I will certainly milk this! Luckily she has a tough hide. She needs to make a time in her dairy. Mind you it’s so Freisian here she may not be able to.

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