Monthly Archives: July 2013

Well, long time no hear. I know Miss Polly has been remiss in blogging but I feel the world needs a bit of Polly at the moment.

My beloved’s colleague is leaving work to go back to the UK.  Of course Miss Polly immediately saw the possibilities of a UK-themed morning tea. So I did what I had to do, and created a monster tea cosy! Yup, it is almost as misshapen as my first one but I don’t care. I had no pattern (bet you didn’t guess) so joins the ranks of my many other misshapen craft projects.

I also whipped up a large fake pearl necklace suitable for someone about to drink from a teapot bedecked in a lopsided Union Jack tea cosy.

I may even sew a large red cross on to my new white tablecloth…

And I’m not even going to be there.

Proof positive that it’s time Miss Polly was let out to play.


But don’t fret dears, I have crafted much since I last wrote and will post evidence of despair and delights more regularly from now on.

Hmmm, found myself musing then on Craft Constipation. or Blogger’s Block. I rely on you, my dear friends who are far wittier than I, to come up with a jolly good phrase. 

Anyways good luck to social worker Sue, may your future be bright, your ears warm, and all your tea, cosy!

As you can see I have completely forgotten how to format, but as I like to say, “Gaily forward dears…”

Better blogging!