Poodles of Possibility

Or Fifi la Toiletbelle

Hello dears,

You may know that my dear friend asked me recently whether I knew how to make a poodle toilet roll cover. Mercy, I thought.  Can such a thing exist?

I am delighted to announce dears, that yes, it can. I have scoured the back alley ways of the internet and chanced across this perky specimen of a pink poodle. Just for you, Miss Muppet.

Long have I pondered over this. What dark night of the soul drove a person to even contemplate making a toilet roll cover that looked like a poodle?  Or should one merely be grateful that one’s life journey, while turbulent, never led them to pink pompoms?

I think not. In all seriousness being house proud is a marvellous thing.  As in, I may not have much money but I am an able hooker. I will hook a cover so that when people are fortunate enough to visit my little room they will be charmed by the decor and the, err, poodle. After all it would simply not do for them to actually see a TOILET ROLL. It might scare them off from going in!

Clearly the creator did not have a misspent flatting career , unlike Miss Polly. Quite honestly dears, after years of flatting the thought of NOT finding a toilet roll in one’s little room is terrifying.

My thanks to http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=318121.0 for this image. Bless her granma I say.


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