Tea cosy on steroids

Hello dears,

what an interesting start to blogging. I have the rather unfab Teacosy on Steroids to show you. Warning: I accept no responsibility for trauma caused by seeing it.

Note the fact it is twice as tall as it needs to be and too wide. This is what happens when I (Polly) am sick and can’t be bothered actually getting off the couch to get the teapot to measure the teapot to make the teacosy the right size.  Why do I have to learn lessons the hard way?

Alas, I am going to upcycle it to a laptop cover. Yes that’s how wrong it is. Plus I love the idea of startling the suits in the Koru Lounge when I fly for work. He he he.

Apologies to Meme Rose for moidering her lovely design.

The rather lovely edging at bottom is from Crochet with Raymond here.

Don’t let this put you off, gentle readers.  It’s a foolproof pattern. Just not Pollyproof. Especially Polly on Prednisdone.

Celebrating the uncivil union of Prednisdone and Miss Polly

1 comment
  1. Polly your teapot looks really snuggly and wait for it, ‘cosy’!! Love your writing Polly.

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