Hello world!

Actually, Pansy Potter from Beano

Welcome to the willing, if not able, world of Polly Lushbottom and my dodgy crafts. You have been warned.

I love lots of crafts including crochet, beading, scrapbooking, free motion machine embroidery and quilting. I am in fact an inveterate dabbler. I also collect shiny words and gay geegaws.

I aim to provide a safe place for people like me to laugh and share our fantastical creations. Frankly dears, one is often a little put off by other’s crafting powress. Thus I bring my alter ego,  Polly Lushbottom out to play in this blog. I like to think of her as the Homer Simpson of the craft world.

Interestingly I have just done a google search on Miss Polly and found a burlesque dancer called Lolly Lushbottom!   We may be related in spirit?

  1. Miss PlushBosom said:

    Thank you dear Miss Lushbottom, your crafty example will serve as an inspiritation to millions I am sure

  2. Hey PLB,

    Great to see your blog – I will follow with great interest and many pots of tea *smile*

    Just wondering if you do commission work? I am dying to get one of those knitted Poodle toilet roll covers and do not have a crafty, knitty bone in my body.

    Talk to me.

    • If you can find the pattern I can always give it a go.
      It may end up looking like a polar bear on crack with my crafting powress but it sounds fun to try.

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